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We can review hazards at your facility through blueprints, satellite imaging, or a site visit. We will also help you determine which OSHA regulations apply to you. Many times, a simple sketch is all it takes to develop the fall protection solution ideally suited to your needs.

You will get timely, expert advice on selecting the right product solution for your particular facility needs. Because just about every building has some unique building or equipment detail that is different from the norm, we can often offer you customized solutions design specifically for that special application without the need to go to a 3rd party supplier.


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We create a site specific project plan and proposal for your facility. Our engineers create a CAD Model from aerial site images. Then we provide project costs.  We will give you an itemized layout of your project big or small so you can see clearly what is being guarded and with what. Our quotes are a mirror image of the drawing so there are no surprises or hidden costs right down to the smallest pin.


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Our manufacturing team builds your passive fall protection in-house, so all our products are 100% made in the USA. We don’t outsource any of our products thereby controlling the quality and timely completion of product manufacturing. A plant-wide commitment to quality work and timely delivery means you experience no problems or delays and we take the ownership for the entire process so you can rest assured that we have your back.


A manufacturing team member building passive fall protection in-house


CAD Models act as an installation guide, that can be completed by our certified team or your own employees. There’s nothing worse than getting a pallet full of product delivered and no one knows what to do with it. Coupled with our CAD drawings, the installation process can flow smoothly with your own personnel or with our own turn-key installation teams.

If we handle the installation for you we come fully prepared to handle all logistics of getting product to the roof, sending in the certified company employed installation team, installing it utilizing full PPE and best safety practices, and cleaning up the worksite afterward. There is literally nothing required of you other than the final walk-thru before our team departs your premises.


Certified Profession installs safety rail system based on CAD model

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Safety Rail Texas is a manufacturing company comprised of innovators, engineers and problem solvers dedicated to offering high-quality, 100% made in the USA passive fall-protection solutions for life and compliance.

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